About this club

MBC (Mason Broadcast Crew) (Audio-Visual Club) - produces broadcast content. The MBC News program is produced by students enrolled in the Integrated Media Internship and the Integrated Media Advanced Production Lab. You don't have to be a student in media courses to participate in many of the broadcast productions. Student volunteers and media students partner to produce the video yearbook that is shown to students at the conclusion of the school year. Students in this program get to use a variety of production technology, like video cameras, microphones, wireless microphones and video editing software.

Contact Information

Contact anyone below for more information about the club:

Advisor: Mr. Dale Conner @ connerd@masonohioschools.com


If your student has an Individualized Education Plan and needs accommodations to participate, please contact the advisor/coach and your student's Intervention Specialist.

Updated on: March 23, 2022